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Welcome to TE 842

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Grand Rapids Region Weekly Update #2 April 28, 2021

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Section 001_03-01

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Lecture 2.1 - The French Revolution - Part 1

Introduction; execution of the king

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Lecture 3 - Marxist Paradigm and its Overthrow

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onGEO Courses: Where things are found in D2L

This video is a short orientation to the format and set-up of your course website in D2L.

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Brief overview of main assignments

Includes review of main assignments, all graded participation activities, and the complete course calendar.

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ADR - Behind the Scenes of the Dollars & Donuts Showcase

Get tickets to the Dollars & Donuts Showcase here: When making our short films, we often need to re-record dialogue later in the studio. Get a peek behind the…

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Lecture 4.3 - Part 1

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Lecture 3.3 - Part 7

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Lecture 3.3 - Part 1

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Section 003_09-21

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Basement Update - Modules 2 and 3

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ISS310: Journal Assignment: Where to begin!

This video will help you get started on your People and the Environment Journal Assignment.

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EBS Overview

The purpose of this video is to give an explanation of how to navigate through some common tasks within the Enterprise Business System (EBS). This video is designed for new EBS users/REHS staff…

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