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Technology Landscape: The Technologies MSU Faculty Use to Teach 02-17-2017

This fall, the Hub for Innovation in Learning and Technology ( had its Technology Working Group send out a survey to instructors on campus, with the goal of identifying what technology…

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Conceptualizing MSU's Next Gen. Digital Learning Enviorment Nov. 4,2016

At this week’s Explorations in Instructional Technologies brown bag seminar Sherief AbouElSeoud and Mike Zakhem, both of MSU IT Services, will present “Conceptualizing MSU's Next…

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Math Ed Colloquium_Carmona_31March2016

Guadalupe Carmona from the University of Texas at San Antonio is presenting "Campus Viviente in STEM Education".

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Fluvial Geomorphology of the Red Cedar River

This is a short video segment created by Steve Schultze to accompany Lesson 12 on Fluvial Geomorphology, in Geo206v (Physical Geography).

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