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ISS310: Population Policy & Governance

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Short Term Memory

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Working Memory

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Lecture 1.3 - Part 7 (High Enlightenment)

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HM 801 Module 11 Food Safety and Population

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Lecture 5_part3

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Video 2 Introduction to Fertilizer Planning

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VM 531-RBC 6 - Blood loss anemias

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FS/SS Lecture 15 Kin 310

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OMM 515 Osteopathy and Pediatrics_Part 2

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How to write scientific articles for peer reviewed journals

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Discussion III-VIDEO

Ways to apply the "toggle switch" idea to shock behavior outcome idea to determine good research hypotheses.

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Ways to make the case about your work contribution to the literature based off of conventional wisdoms and using factual questions

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Discussion I-VIDEO

How could you sell a research idea about Nigeria to a non-Nigerian reviewer?

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Spirometry PreLab Briefing

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SW 812B Module 6

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