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ANTR 510 2019 D2L Introduction

This overview of the ANTR510 D2L site explains features and points to important resources within the course.

From  John M Fitzsimmons 2 Months ago 14 views 0  

MSUCOM D2L Tutorial

This video is a tutorial on how to navigate D2L for upcoming MSUCOM students. This module is created by Marco Lin, Sigma Sigma Phi, and MSUCOM. Captioning was done by John McDaniel. URLs of other…

From  John T McDaniel 3 Months ago 38 views 0  


Summer WRA 101 introduction and navigating D2L

From  Sarah Ellen Prielipp A year ago 20 views 0  

How To: Using the Brightspace (D2L) Product Ideas Exchange

A short video to show users how to search for items in the Bightspace Product Idea Exchange. Start by creating an account @

From  Dennis Ray Hampton A year ago 20 views 0  

How to grade D2L discussion forums

March 1, 2016

From  Neal D Fortin 3 Years ago 15 views 0  

Navigating ChE804

Overview of navigating the ChE804 website

From  Carl T Lira 3 Years ago 172 views 0  

How to Integrate Twitter into a Desire2Learn Course

This video shows you how to integrate a Twitter feed directly into your Desire2Learn course.

From  Michael G Koot 5 Years ago 98 views 0