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Only fools rush in! - Initial data analysis is equired for developing and validating prediction models

Presentation at the International Symposium of Methods for Evaluating Tests and Biomarkers (MEMTAB) 2020 Georg Heinze Marianne Huebner Mark Baillie

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Regression without regrets

Talk for the Annual Conference of the International Society for Clinical Biostatistics 2020. Marianne Huebner, Michigan State University, USA Georg Heinze, Medical University, Vienna, Austria Mark…

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CSTAT helps researchers across MSU

CSTAT collaboration, consulting, and training activities include:1. Study design, statistical analysis, and reporting.2. Statistical collaborations on grant proposals (CSTAT Ph.D.…

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How to Import tabular data (CSV) into QGIS

This video demonstrates how to add tabular data (Excel, CSV, etc) with latitude and longitude into QGIS for spatial analysis.

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1960 Census Tract Data for Bronx County, New York

Using Social Explorer to get 1960 census tract data

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2017 median household income for census tracts in Virginia

Using American Factfinder to download census tract data

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Finding Census Tract Data

Use American Factfinder to pull specific census data for selected tracts.

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Video short demonstrating how to activate legacy data import capabilities. This is required to provide the same data importing functionality available in MSU computer labs. Because lab versions of…

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Finding Tracts Within a City for American Community Survey

Using Factfinder to determine which census tracts are within or partly within a city for use in American Community Survey data 2006-2010 and 2011-2015

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