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Discussion/Demo of Freeze Panes in Excel

From  cse101 CSE 101 5 Months ago 48 views 0  

CSE101.07A - Introduction to Rounding and Excel Rounding Functions

Discussion of general rounding concepts and how to implement rounding in MS Excel. NOTE: Chapters are included in video to permit specific section selection. These can be accessed in the upper left…

From  cse101 CSE 101 9 Months ago 2,521 views 0  

CSE101.02A .Day 2 Excel Exercise (Moores Law - Disk)

Rerun of day 2 class exercise related to disk storage capacity and cost trends analysis.

From  cse101 CSE 101 10 Months ago 277 views 0  

QGIS Workshop 1

In this workshop we compare two vector data types and make a choropleth map depicting educational attainment and median household income in Michigan.

From  Kasey Reed Wilson A year ago 81 views 0  

Combining the Contents of Two Cells in MS Excel

This video describes the use of =concatenate() and the & in MS Excel. Presented by Larry Long, Management Analyst. Sample Formulas: Using =Concatenate() …

From  Larry David Long A year ago 29 views 0  

Finding Company Financial Information

In this video, you'll learn how to use Mergent Online to find company financial information and Mergent Archvies for historic company filings. These databases are best suited for publicly-owned…

From  Terence William O'Neill 2 Years ago 8 views 0