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Geo 221v: Introduction to Geographic Information Systems

Introduction to Geographic Information Systems. This video is used in Geo221v.

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Geo 221v: Basics of Geographic Information

Basics of Geographic Information. This video is used in Geo221v.

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GEO221 GIS Analysis Activity

This is a walk-through of the Geo221v GIS Analysis Activity. Use this video if you are unable to complete the activity on your own. Beth Weisenborn.

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Activity 1, Coordinate Systems: Using ArcGIS Online

This video accompanies the GEO221v (Intro to Geographic Information) Activity 1 (Coordinate Systems) for Lesson 4. The video aims to help students learn how to use ArcGIS online for the activity. The…

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GIS Layers Animation

This animation, "GIS: Putting Geographic Information Systems to Work For You," was created by Harris County Flood Control District ( This animation is used in the…

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Downloading Your Zipped Data Layer Files

By: Adrienne Goldsberry; For GEO221L Lab 6 and PC-IGT Lab 4

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