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Welcome to GEO 206 Physical Geography

Welcome to GEO 206

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GEO 221L Introduction

Summer 2018: GEO221 LABv, Introduction to Geographic Information LAB v (Section 730; Instructor Kyle Redican) welcome video.

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GEO206: Review for the Intro to Physical Geography Lesson

This video is intended to prepare you to take the Quiz on Lesson 1.

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GEO221V Welcome Video by Mattie Kelepile

Spring 2018: GEO221V (Section 730; Instructor Mattie Kelepile) welcome video and course tips.

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Judith Namanya GEO151v welcome

GEO151v welcome video. Made by Judith Namanya, who will be the instructor for GEO151v this Spring Semester, 2018

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Krista Schlyer Continental Divide Wildlife, People, and the Border Wall .mp3 102017

The topic of the border wall between the United States and Mexico continues. By now, broad segments of the population have heard widely varying opinions about the wall’s effect on…

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