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Find Full Text (from an article citation)

Have an article citation? This video will show you how to find full text through the library.

From  infolit Information Literacy Department A year ago  | 103    | 0  

Intro: MSU Google Account Tips & Tricks

Did you know that every MSU email account has a corresponding Google account associated with it? Cool, huh? Although this can be incredibly convenient, it also can be a matter of confusion for the…

From  David Joseph Goodrich A year ago  | 34    | 0  

In-Class Background Knowledge Probe Active Learning Strategy Using PearDeck

While it is important to consider what a new tool is able to aide you and students with, it's perhaps even more important to maintain a clear vision of what needs to be accomplished from a…

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Finding locations in the Louisiana PLSS

Temporary file, no closed captioning

From  Kathleen Williams Weessies 2 Years ago  | 6    | 0  

Activity 6, Thematic Mapping

This video accompanies the GEO221v (Intro to Geographic Information) Activity 6 (Thematic Mapping) for Lesson 12. The video aims to help students learn how to use ArcGIS online for the activity. The…

From  Beth N Weisenborn 3 Years ago  | 618    | 0