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Show and Tell #2: Humanize Your Online Course & Use Analytics to Craft Engaging Videos

Presented on November 12, 2021 How to Humanize your Online Course: See how Megan Patrick, Academic Specialist from the Online Food Safety Program, has implemented some of the online humanizing…

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FS21 Lecture 18: Doing Harm

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Dams, Development, and Democracy in India

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FS21 Lecture 15: Grant proposal

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FS21 Lecture 16: Concept Maps

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Lecture: Populism

This is the lecture on Populism for MC 201: Fall 2021

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SD2_1060 April/May 2021

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Introduction to Resilient Pedagogy

This is an introduction to Resilient Pedagogy that was part of a workshop offered in September 2021. In this video Scott Schopieray and Bill Hart-Davidson discuss the notion of Resilient Pedagogy and…

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GEO 113: Finance -Part 1

Short summary for the Lessom Module: Finance, Part 1 (GEO113)

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Exam #1 Review Lecture

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Bourgois_conjugated oppression - September 29th 2021, 12:05:23 pm

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FS21 Lecture 9: Myths in Medicine

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ISS310: Globalization: Geographic Scale

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Testing of glass

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