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Early season vineyard insect pests

Rufus Isaacs covers early season insect pests in MI vineyards, including grape tumid gallmaker, potato leafhopper, phylloxera, and others.

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Grape Kickoff 2020 - Early season insect pests and label updates

Dr. Rufus Isaacs from the Department of Entomology at MSU covers early season insect pests and new insecticide label registrations in grapes.

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Insect and Mite Pests of Industrial Hemp

This webinar occurred from 12:30 pm - 1:30 pm EST on July 25, 2019. Dr. Raymond Cloyd (Kansas State University) discussed the major insect and mite pests of hemp including chewers, suckers, and…

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4-10-18 Breakfast Meeting - Marestail and Asiatic Garden Beetle

Breakfast meeting main presentation includes segments on: Marestail/horseweed management (0:00) by MSU Extension educator Bruce MacKellar Asiatic garden beetle (20:58) by MSU field crop entomologist…

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Virtual Breakfast 4/12/18: Asiatic Garden Beetle and Marestail

The MSU Extension Field Crops Virtual Breakfast weekly topic for April 12, 2018, focused on Asiatic garden beetles and marestail, presented by Bruce MacKellar, MSU Extension educator.

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Corn and Soy Selection

MSU Extension Field Crops Webinar Series Corn Hybrid and Soybean Variety Selection 3/26/18 Dr. Manni Singh

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Biology and Management of Grape Mealy Bug

A 2016 Michigan Grape and Wine Industry Council funded research project by Keith Mason, MSU Entomology

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