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MCE Pharmacy RSG Orientation Session with Sue Barman

MCE Pharmacy Rotational Small Group (RSG) Faculty Training with Sue Barman

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Multi Video - 2018 Nov 02 07:36:54

MCE intersessions - sign up and other important information

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MCE Sim: Informed Consent Explanation And Good Example

Audio recording by Dr. Colleen Bush MD describing important steps in obtaining informed consent and an example of how one might obtain informed consent for placement of a Foley Catheter.

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Dr. Gossain MCE Week 4 WSG Summary

Summary of cases that will presented at Week 4 MCE WSG.

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Women's Health orientation video 7-6-18

Dr. Leach orientation to the MCE Women's Health Rotational Small Group leaders

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MCE Physical Therapy RSG Faculty Training Recording

Physical Therapy RSG Faculty Training Video for MCE

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