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MSUHC Chaperone Training Video 2021

This training video will inform MSU Health Care providers and clinical staff of the policy and associated workflow for patient privacy, chaperone and informed consent, CP15. Learners at the end of…

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OMM 514 Practical Review

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VM 534-How to Place a Tie-Over Bandage - Gallaher

Placement of a tie-over bandage using suture loops and umbilical tape.

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Teaching Transgender Video- WS 102- Allie Hawkins

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Ankle and Foot Dx and TX

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VM 580-Right-handed 2-handed hand tie

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VM 580-Left-handed one-handed handed tie

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VM 580-Tissue apposition using an inverting Cushing/Connell suture pattern

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VM 580-Skin tissue apposition using an everting interrupted horizontal mattress suture

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VM 580-Subcutaneous tissue apposition using a simple continuous suture

Dr. Maureen Jay Suture Videos for Junior Surgery (require title page)

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Introduction to cross sectional imaging and neuroimaging

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Usability Testing

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CSTAT Day - Preparing Data for Analysis

Presented by Barry DeCicco, CSTAT Slides can be found under the Attachments tab.

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Thoracic Counterstrain

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ADE medication error

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Parenteral product systems1.mp4

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