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Using Landscan 2016

Landscan is a dataset of World population at 1 kilometer squares. This video shows how to interact with the web interface, how to connect the dataset to a GIS project and how to extract GIS-ready…

From  Kathleen Williams Weessies A year ago 14 views 0  

Maps in Social Explorer

Making and editing a map in Social Explorer to highlight specific demographic variables. In this video we make census tract map of Flint, Michigan that highlights tracts that have higher than 50%…

From  Kathleen Williams Weessies A year ago 10 views 0  

Finding 1980 Census Tract Data

Using Social Explorer to find and download census tract data for Columbus in Muskogee County, Georgia.

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Current Issues Affecting Michigan Local Governments: Data Informed Decision-Making

Presentations by:Bill Anderson, SEMCOG Jeff Nutting, SEMCOG DESCRIPTION:This is part of MSU Extension’s webinar series focused on current issues affecting local governments in Michigan. Our…

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