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SS21-GLG-301-001 - Lecture 1: Introduction to the course

Zoom Recording ID: 98829826984 UUID: TbF0GybERV+VVhhp3tmqNw== Meeting Time: 2021-01-19T17:25:08Z

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ComArtSci - Alumni Distinguished Scholarship 2021- College Welcome

0:00 Intro 0:16 Who we are 0:52 Points of Pride 1:39 Dean's welcome 3:01 Programs 3:14 Advertising 3:57 Public Relations 4:22 Communication 5:06 Communication Leadership and Strategy…

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Instructor Introduction: Kevin McKeehan (SS21 Geo325/730)

Video introducing the Spring 2021 GEO 325v (section 730) instructor, Kevin McKeehan -- MSU Department of Geography, Environment, and Spatial Sciences. Kevin has prepared a few slides that might help…

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MSU LVMA/BIPOC Meeting with Dr. Cesar Tello

Alondra Gallego: [00:00:15] So today we are going to be hosting Dr. Cesar Tello. [00:00:17][2.9]Alondra Gallego: [00:00:18] He was or he is my mentor in veterinary medicine and a lot of my previous…

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Is Seeking Information on Social Media Harmful to Your Health?

Anjana Susarla, PhD Professor, Information Systems Eli Broad College of Business Michigan State University Studies of health literacy in the United States, such as the National Assessment of…

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4-H Science: Stress and Polymers

Sir Isaac is back and he's going to show us how to relieve a little stress! We're going to study the science behind polymers and use them to make our own squishy stress balls. What goes…

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Introduction to Searching

This is a brief introduction to searching, the online pre-print server.

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