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MSUHC Chaperone Training Video 2021

This training video will inform MSU Health Care providers and clinical staff of the policy and associated workflow for patient privacy, chaperone and informed consent, CP15. Learners at the end of…

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Medical Device Labeling

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Inclusive Campus Initiative Virtual Community Forum 11.1.2021 DACA student safety

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SD2_1032 3/6/2021

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Who's At Work: Our Roles as Academic Art Librarians

Who's at work as an academic art librarian? Some of our jobs require subject-specific degrees in addition to an MLIS, others don't. Some jobs provide faculty status and are even on the…

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NUR 371 - LAC Orientation

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HM 801 Module 7 Psychosocial Factors and Health .mp4

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Social Group Membership and Hierarchy

The purpose of this topic is to get you to start thinking about social group membership and social hierarchy. To get started we want you to watch 2 videos, one explains why social stratification…

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VM 503-Career Development & Practice Management Money Habits-Harris

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OST 825: Gifford: Week 4: Social Determinants of Health: Birn

OST 825: week 4: SDH: Birn

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11.Emotions and Stress.Part 1

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Mental Status Examination

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Equine Infectious Anemia: A Status Report

Equine Infectious Anemia: A Status Report - U.S. Department of Agriculture 1996 - - The equine infectious anemia virus (EIAV) is categorized as a retrovirus: it contains genetic RNA material, which…

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HM 801 Introduction to Health Equity


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VM 515-Cattle Physical Exam

VM 515 Animals in SocietyDr. Vengai Mavangira

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