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Transforming Michigan Tourism by Ensuring Safe, Accessible and Welcoming Communities, Session Three

November 10, 2021 Speakers: John George, Detroit Blight Busters Rosalyn Flint, Cross Pollination Corridor and The Urban Country Teahouse

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FS21 Lecture 17: Statement of Purpose

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FS21 Lecture 15: Grant proposal

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FS21 Lecture 16: Concept Maps

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Preparing an IRB Project Application

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Major QIPS Tools to Intepret and Reoport your Project Results

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FS21 Lecture 2-Part 1: Course overview

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Lecture 9_Pt1_Week 5

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Lecture 3_PEP_Week 2

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MKT 250 Group Project #3

Ryan Mulligan, Antonio Zamora, Michael Joseph, Gigi Bonnell, Dylan Clark

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Navigate the REHS Learning and Development Sharepoint

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Reflection Presentation - Group 2

Maddie, Neil, Nick and Cameron

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Scholarly Activity Project Novice Traps

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Section 003_04-19

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