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Change Quiz Points to Fix Grades in D2L

Changing the total maximum points for a quiz in D2L requires extra steps if students have already taken the quiz and the grades have been sent to the grade book. It is not possible to change the…

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Bulk Randomize Answer Order Workaround for Multiple Choice / Multiple Select Quiz Questions in D2L

This video explains the workaround for bulk enabling random answer options on multiple choice and multiple select questions in D2L quizzes. It involves exporting the questions and using Find and…

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D2L Quizzes (02.09.2022)

Facilitators: Jennifer Wagner & Susan Halick In this workshop, we will provide detailed demonstrations of how to build an exam in the D2L Quizzes tool (question types, libraries, and pools;…

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ISS 310V- 730 - Intro Video from Instructor

ISS 310V- Online section - People and the Environment Fall semester 2019 Video by Ida Djenontin - Instructor Introduction to the course materials and expectations

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