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PHY982 Lecture, Dec 1

PHY982 Nuclear Dynamics lecture on Dec 1, 2020, dedicated to the eikonal approximation and time-dependent Hartree-Fock method

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PHY982 Lecture, Nov 17

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PHY982 Lecture, Sep 24

PHY982 Nuclear Dynamics Lecture given on Sep 24, 2020, dedicated to quantum description of elastic scattering

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PHY982 Lecture, Sep 22

PHY 982 Nuclear Dynamics Lecture on Sep 22, 2020, with additional comments on classical scattering and preliminaries for quantum

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PHY982 Lecture, Sep 17

PHY982 lecture on September 17, 2020, primarily on Coulomb scattering

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PHY982 Lecture, Sep 15

PHY 982 Lecture on Sep 15, 2020. Topics include cross section transformation between center of mass and laboratory systems and calculation of classical trajectories and cross sections for central…

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