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Investigate Beer’s Law with Go Direct® SpectroVis Plus Spectrophotometer

The Go Direct SpectroVis Plus Spectrophotometer quickly measures a full spectrum. Common spectroscopy experiments include understanding Beer's law to determine the concentration of an unknown…

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Geo 221v: 1us24: Welcome Video (Brennan Persenaire Hogeterp)

Welcome everyone, I am very excited for this summer session. One thing of note I forgot to mention that discussion boards will be held on D2L. Fun fact about me I like playing an 8 hour long board…

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An Emerging Threat: Box Tree Moth and Spotted Lanternfly in Michigan

Presented on Feb. 15, 2024 by: Amber Neils and Andria McCubbin (Michigan Department of Agriculture and Rural Development Facilitated by: Heidi Lindberg, MSU Extension Box tree moth (Cydalima…

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GEO 215, Video Lecture for the Lesson on Rugby

Lesson: Rugby. Unit: Geopolitics & the Diffusion of Sports. Created by onGEO for the Department of Geography, Environment, & Spatial Sciences

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CSE 102 Python input

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CSE 102 Literals and Variables

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Introduction to the PRISMA Table

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Accessibility Tips for MediaSpace & Captioning

Date of session: October 4, 2022 Description: Learn best practices for making your video content accessible through automated and manual captioning in this interactive session. We'll cover…

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How to Edit Captions on Kaltura MediaSpace

Date of session: September 9, 2022 Description: This hands-on session teaches you to edit machine-generated captions in Kaltura MediaSpace for accuracy, timing, spacing, and speaker labeling through…

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Library Searches

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Thumb Blessing Boxes - SNAP-Ed PSE Success Story Video

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Finding Newspapers

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Finding Streaming Media

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Finding Scholarly Articles

Find the permanent or stable link for library searches and library items.

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