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ODWODL - Gabe Logan 10/23/2020

Gabe Logan, from Northern Michigan University's Department of History, presents “Red Jerseys in Detroit: Soccer and Industrial Workers, 1926 - 30” on Zoom. Part of the "Our…

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VM 529-Carnivore and small ruminant kidney structure (Dissection video)

VM 529 Day 1 Prep

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The Autonomic Nervous System - Rest and Digest vs. Fight or Flight

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Importance of Axon Diameter

In this video, you will learn about the importance of axon diameter. You will do a pouring activity to see why a wider diameter is more suitable for conduction velocity

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WILD 2020 Workshop: Pad the Mitten's Efforts to End Period Poverty

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LaTeX Lesson 02 - Typing HW

YouTube Link:

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Intro to Equine Dentistry-part 1

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Kin868 - Mod4 - Five Criteria for Drills - Part 6

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Strip Cup

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Simultaneous Games, Lecture 1

First lecture in the sequence of three lectures on simultaneous play games.

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