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PH840 Public Health Finance

PH840 Public Health Finance

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Creative Conversations: Creating Equitable Arts and Cultural Community Engagement Partnerships--A Panel on Music and the Performing Arts

Interested in learning how to create new community-engaged partnerships around music and performing arts? Are you new to using visual creative activities for community-engaged social change? This…

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The American Painter and the Mexican Lithographer

Presentation on American Painter Aaron Douglas and Mexican Lithographer Jorge Guadalupe Posada

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ArLiSNAP VREPS 2015 Virtual Conference: New Initiatives in Art Archives

This recording from January 17, 2015, documents three presentations by students and new professionals from the ArLiSNAP VREPS Virtual Conference: 1. Observations on Artist-Run Centre Archives in…

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Archiving Performance in an Institutional Context: Perspectives from the Mark Morris Dance Group

Dance is an ephemeral art form that does not archive easily. However, if we consider the nearly 40-year history of the Mark Morris Dance Group (MMDG), and even longer career of its illustrious…

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VM 525-Eq Abd Explor 5 Large Intestine

VM 525 day 12

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VM 500-Handwashing lab

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What is farm benchmarking? FEC interactive video

Short video submitted for the Fall Extension Conference 2020. If you watched this video as part of FEC 2020, then please complete this short evaluative survey.  If you want to create subtitles for…

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What is farm benchmarking?

Find out how to benchmark your farm's financial data. You may turn on Closed Captions by clicking on CC at the bottom right of the video.“Enthusiasm” music by Jay Man is licensed…

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Ryan Adolph IAH 241D INTRO

Ryan Adolph Introduces himself as TA for IAH 241D "Theatre and Society in the West" students.

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LSA Jazz Class Combination 4/29/2020 walk through

Here's the combination from the 4/29/2020 Library Staff Association virtual jazz class slowed down and explained. Feel free to rewind and rewatch as needed to learn the steps! To jump to a…

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LSA Jazz Class Combination 4/29/2020

Watch the final combination for the Library Staff Association Dance virtual dance class. I face you one and then face the other way so that you can follow along behind me. For a walk through please…

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Whitaker Symbolic-Experiential Therapy

Presentation on Carl Whitaker and Symbolic-experiential therapy

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Zoom Tips: How to Claim Host Rights

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Intradermal Pattern

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Supporting Family-Centered Practice in Training SLPs: Module I Part 3

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