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Thumb Blessing Boxes - SNAP-Ed PSE Success Story Video

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Wild About: Conservation Aquatic Invasive Species Prevention

Wild About: Conservation: Aquatic Invasive Species Prevention. An overview of aquatic invasive species (identification/issues) and what you can do to help slow the spread.

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Written Exam Overview

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welcoming remarks

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Sacral and Pelvic Counterstrain

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First Impressions Tourism in the Upper Peninsula

FIT is a comprehensive community assessment conducted by unannounced visitors in a host community positioned to lead new development based on your program results. FIT involves developing community…

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State Preemption of Local Government Authority in Michigan

In recent years, state preemption of local authority has become a frequent topic of discussion in local government in Michigan and across the country. In this webinar, Dr. Keith Boeckelman, from…

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Michigan Vernal Pools Partnership - 4th Annual Meeting_2021Dec7

This is a Zoom meeting recording of the 4th Annual Meeting of the Michigan Vernal Pools Partnership held virtually on December 7, 2021. The Michigan Vernal Pools Partnership (MVPP) is a…

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OMM514 Joint Play Foot & Ankle

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SD2_1032 3/6/2021

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VM 516 Muscles and nerves of the crus and LA adaptations (video presentation)

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VM 516-Synovial joint capsule and tendon sheaths of the fetlock (dissection video)

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Shoreline Health and Preservation

Lake shorelines provide critical habitat, slow runoff, limit erosion, and maintain water quality. However, suburban-type residential development along lakeshores has dramatically altered our lakes.…

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Who wants to watch that Zoom Recording Anyway? (Adapting a live session to an online asynchronous format)

We often record our Zoom training session or classes, but does anyone really LIKE watching a long Zoom recording? How can you set up your reccorded Zoom sessions so that you also can use it for…

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Grand Rapids Region Weekly Update #11 June 23, 2021

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MSU's Pride Month Teach-In

The MSU Extension CYI LGBTQIA+ Team and MSU’s Center for Gender in Global Context were excited to invite the MSU community to our Pride Month Teach-in! We had a panel discussion (recorded) with…

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