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Family Employee Resource Group: College Application, Admissions, & Stuff to Know

Are you beginning to plan college visits for your prospective high school graduate? Are you seeking guidance on how to navigate the landscape of nearly 4,000 degree-granting postsecondary…

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GEO331: 2-Prov-terr-gov [re-recorded video]

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GEO331: 2-Prov-territ-government

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GEO331: 4-Cannabis video-Part 2 [re-recording]

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NAPA Training Session: Panel Data Methods 2

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PRCI Core Center training Implementing Indicators of Reach, Benefit, and Empowerment (with Ruth Meinzen-Dick and Elizabeth Bryan, IFPRI) edited

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GEO206: A Review of the Lesson: Coastal Geomorphology

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MMDP 2021 Annual Meeting: Session 3 Making the Most of Digital Tools for Cultural Heritage

Presentation 1: Clayton Hayes (Wayne State University) - Essential but unusable: Rehabilitating an aging digital collection The WSU libraries inherited an image collection with an accompanying access…

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Strategies and Tools for Reviewing Creative Projects

Presented on November 18, 2021 In this workshop, we discuss strategies and technologies for formative feedback throughout the creative process, including D2L Assignments & Rubrics and Eli…

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sterilization calculations

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Sterilization techniques

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Sterilization Definitions

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