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Book as Object

Emilee Mathews provides an example of a book with unusual physical characteristics and poses questions about how to treat the book, where it could be located, circulation rules, etc. This recording…

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04.28.2022 Financial Aid Town Hall

Zoom Recording ID: 94187121201 UUID: 45kczrW9QfaAGKx/YWkFxQ== Meeting Time: 2022-04-28 03:45:16pm

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A Map to your Farm's Success! Finding loans, land, opportunities & experts

The Map of Beginning Farmer Resources in Michigan is an interactive tool showing over 90 programs for beginning and aspiring farmers in Michigan. Listings feature short videos, a website link, a…

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How to Put Together a Balance Sheet

In this meeting we review the reasons to create a balance sheet and look into a few resources that will hopefully make it easy for you to do it yourself. MSU Extension can create a balance sheet for…

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Return of the Coronavirus Relief Programs for Agriculture

Recent coronavirus relief legislation enabled a number of programs to provide additional financial support to a wide range of agricultural businesses. These programs include updates to the Payroll…

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VM 503-Career Development & Practice Management Money Habits-Harris

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ADV 225 Session 2 Lecture Video 6 of 10

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VM 503-Budgeting as a Veterinary Student

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Agency Why the Poor Are Not Helpless

Agency Why the Poor Are Not Helpless

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