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FS21 Lecture 4: Busting Myths and Discussion Activities

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PART 6_Hearing_Soundwaves and anatomy of the auditory system

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Lecture 4-Part 1_Discussion board recap

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Section 003_01-27

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Section 002_01-27

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Section 002_01-25

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Lecture 3-Part 2_Discussion Board Roles

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Lecture 3-Part 2_Discussion Boards_Week 3

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How to Make a Film Pitch Deck - part of your film financing plan

If you are a writer / director, a director or a producer, you might need a pitch deck for your short film, feature film, web series or TV show. I'll show some film pitch deck examples and how…

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Pitching Films: tips from Mark Gordon & Marshall Herskovitz

Times may change, but the pitch remains the critical component of Hollywood salesmanship, your first—and sometimes only—opportunity to let your idea sink or swim. To that end, we provide…

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Elevator Pitch

Career Day Spring 2017 presentation about creating an elevator pitch.

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