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IBIO Seminar FS21: B. Duygu Özpolat 10-19-21

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SOMA Welcome to Class of 2025

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Make a Play-Doh Neuron!

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How Does Our Brain Make Us Do Stuff?

What better way to show a kid how a neuron works than building one from Legos? In my video, I'm going to take kids through parts of the neuron and show them how messages get passed along on this…

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This video discusses what neurons are, and why they are important. We will also be learning about the structures of a neuron and their functions!

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Power Your Brain!

This video is a fun activity! This activity creates a neuron made out of healthy foods for brain development. At the end of the activity, the children can enjoy their snack!

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CynthiaSridhar-NEU 301 Honors Option

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