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513 Exam Review

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Identifying Posterior Rib Tenderpoints and Treatment of Rib 1

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Usability testing applied.mp4

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Early Season Apple Diseases 2021

As part of the MSUE Statewide Spring Tree Fruit Webinar Series, George Sundin and Anna Wallis present 'Early Season Apple Diseases.'

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VM 575-Drug Treatments for Parasites

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Moments From The Field: Butterfly Surveys

Take a look into the process of surveying butterflies in the fields of Kellogg Biological Station's Long-Term Ecological Research Program. Ecologists from Dr. Nick Haddad's lab, Allie…

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Lecture 14 A_part3

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VM 530-Drug Treatments for Parasites

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Zoonotic Disease Prevention for you and your pigs

Dave Thompson works as a Statewide Swine Extension Educator for MSU Extension. In this video, he talks about transmittable diseases between pigs and people and pig disease prevention.

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LCS CE: Updates in Theriogenology-from Practical treatments for infertillity in the mare to revisions in the bull breeding soundness exam-Strachota

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John Upledger, DO

John Upledger, DO was Department of Biomechanics faculty prior to establishing the Upledger Institute. This video is after he left MSUCOM. Dr. Upledger discusses the anatomy, diagnosis and treatment…

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Sphenobasilar Activity - Anne Wales, DO

Anne Wales is a William Garner Sutherland, DO protege. This is one of many videos that Ken Johnson, DO taped in Dr. Wales Maine home. It is assumed to be from 1994-95 since that is when Laura…

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Fred Mitchell Sr. DO

This is an old video of Fred Mitchell Sr. DO demonstrating diagnosis and treatment of the pelvis.

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VM 565-Treatment_Concepts (oldEcho360_Lect12)

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VM 502-Mutual support task assistance

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