You can create caption files using web-based tools and software like Camtasia Studio and YouTube. These options are low-cost, but are time intensive and require a medium-level of technical expertise to use. We would recommend using this option only if you have staff or student employees available to correct the inaccuracies of the captions manually.

Machine captions are available at no cost for all media stored in MediaSpace. Once your content is available in MediaSpace, you can order machine captions and edit any inaccuracies using the steps below:

Ordering Machine Captions through MediaSpace:

Login to, then go to “My Media.”

Arrow pointing to My Media.

Click on one of your videos, then go to the Actions drop down and click on “Order Captions.”

Highlight of Order Captioins option in Actions menu.

You should see the option to order captions. Click the “Order Captions” button.

Highlight of the Order Captions button on the caption order form.

It takes about 3x the length of the video for the captions to generate. You can check the status of your caption by clicking on “View Caption Requests.”

Highlight of view caption requests page.

Here you can see the status of the machine generated captioning order. Once it is finished the transcript will be automatically generated under the video. If you click on parts of the transcript, it will play the video at the point those words are being said, like here:

View of the Interactive Transcript.

Editing Machine Captions in MediaSpace

The accuracy of machine captions is dependant on the quality of the recording and the speaker’s voice. Typically, the accuracy of machine captions in MediaSpace will be about 70-80%, so we strongly recommend that you correct the inaccuracies of the captions manually, which can be done through the captions editor in MediaSpace.

To edit a caption, go to the video file that you would like to correct and click “Actions,” then “Edit Captions”

Highlight of Edit Captions option in the Actions menu.

Note: You can only edit captions if your captions have been already been processed. Look for “Complete” under status to see if they have been processed. If you see “Complete,” you can click on the word and it will take you to the captioning editor.

Highlight of the COMPLETE hyperlink to the caption editor.

Once you click on the link you will be taken to “Customer Edit” (image below).

You can edit the captions while you watch the video in the text box under the video.

View of the caption editor tool.

Once you finished editing, click “Save”, then click “Approve.”

Arrows indicating Save and Approve buttons on the edit tool.

This will open a pop-up window. Click “Approve.”

Approve caption edits dialog box.

A “Job Approved” dialog should appear to confirm that your updates have been saved.

Final approval confirmation notice.