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ODWODL - Ethan Veenhuis 01/24/2024

Ethan Veenhuis, from MSU's History department, presents “The First to Merge: The United Teachers of Flint, Racial Parity, and School Integration, 1968-1985” on Zoom and in the MSU…

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01/10/2024 - MSU IT Planon - Session 1 (Basic Navigation & Orders)

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Colloquium Series 2023-2024 Dr. Ricardo Martinez

Dr. Ricardo Martinez, Assistant Professor at Pennsylvania State University, is presenting "The Praxis of Ethnic Studies as Ontological Playgrounds of Youth Liberation" on Wednesday, October…

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Entering Farm Transactions on QuickBooks and PC Mars

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Red Goose Quiz Party 5/14/1949

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ICI Student Voices Recap Video

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ISS310: Introduction to Climate Change

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DITF: Autel_Explorer_2021_v2

Mission planning using the Autel Explorer application (Android, iOS).

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A New Stance for Evaluators: A Call to Action

Presented by Gail Barrington PhD February 3, 2022

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2021-12-09 Michigan Good Food Charter Committee Meeting

Welcome & Re-Introductions Debrief the Charter Gathering Looking at Next Year: 2022 Activities Next Steps

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Intro to Nervous System

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Signaling in CNS - Action Potentials

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universal design

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affordance theory

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VM 508 Principle of Drug Action-Pharmacodynamics & Pharmacokinetics Review-Lauver

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Preparing for an SCS Scholalry Activity Consultation Visit

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