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Nervous System and Neurons

This video talks about the functions of the nervous systems and neurons. It explains how the different aspects of the nervous system are utilized when throwing and catching a ball.

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Sit-Up Test - SPARTANfit KIN 121 Fitness Assessment

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Quad Burn Flow.mp4

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Group treatment- Example 2

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Group Dx & Tx: MET example 3

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Cat-Cow Demo and Vinyasa Flow

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Stop Complete

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Fishbowl Video--Carolla*

Hi everyone, this is my attempt at teaching a crow pose which is an arm balance in the practice of yoga. I apologize my editing skills are not very good it was the first time I've ever edited a…

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SSE Episode 01

Episode 1 of the Student Success Express with Interim Associate Provost for Undergraduate Education, Mark Largent.

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Feline Castration

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POMM1 - Introduction Part 1

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ANTR510 (005) Early Embryology: Germ Layer Organization

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