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Triers work

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VM 580-Right-handed square knot with instrument

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VM 516-Pectoral muscles of the horse (Dissection)

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VM 515-Slip Knot Tie

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Adult Caregivers Affinity Group: Respite Care

The Adult Caregivers Affinity Group is a place for Spartans to connect on adult caregiving/eldercare topics with the goal of connecting, building community and sharing best practices regarding…

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ANTR510 Palpatory Landmarks for the Pelvis

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Make a Play-Doh Neuron!

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Passport Kitchen - Kartoffel Puffer Final

Join us as we ship off to Germany with our teacher Insa as they show us how to make Kartoffel Puffer

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VM 523-Palpation of the superficial lymph nodes of the cow

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Sensitivities of the Body

This video is about the different sensitivities of different areas of the body. While watching this video, you will need a partner to complete the activity. One partner will close their eyes, and…

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Handstand Flow.mp4

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Dolphin Flow.mp4

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Sensory Adaptation - Neural Responsiveness to Stimuli

Have you ever wondered why the longer you are exposed to a stimulus, such as the smell of fresh bread or the sound of the TV, the less you seem to consciously notice it? You may not have even noticed…

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Building into Crow Flow.mp4

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Sit & Reach Flexibility Test - SPARTANfit KIN 121 Fitness Assessment

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SPARTANfit KIN 121 Fitness Assessment Video

The SPARTANfit Fitness and Wellness Program KIN 121 Fitness Assessment will help determine your current level of fitness using a series of resting and exercising assessments. The assessment will help…

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