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Tree fruit specialist Bill Shane gives update on tree fruit diseases and cultural management for the week of June 26 2023

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Michigan State University South Michigan educators provide weekly fruit IPM update

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Making Healthy Choices for Adults Ages 60+: Fabulous fruit five ways

Fruit is packed with good nutrition! Adults ages 60 and over can maximize their budget and keep their taste buds interested by choosing from a variety of fruit sources. Funded by the USDA's…

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Midsummer Presentation

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Control and Management of Sour Rot and Volatile Acidity in Vinifera Grapes Grown in Michigan

A 2016 Michigan Grape and Wine Industry Council funded research project presented by Josh VanderWeide, Pat Murad and Paolo Sabbatini, MSU Horticulture

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Blueberries March 27 2017

MSU Extension Beginning Farmer Webinar Series "Getting started with blueberries" March 27, 2017 Presenter: Mark Longstroth, Extension Educator This webinar provides a review of…

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Growing raspberries in high tunnels

MSU Extension Beginning Farmer Webinar Series "Getting started with raspberries in high tunnels" Date: February 8, 2016 Presenter: Dr. Eric Hanson, professor of horticulture, MSU…

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Plant-Based-Enterprises (U.P. specific)

MSU Beginning Farmer Webinar Series "Getting started with plant-based enterprises" Date: April 12, 2012 Presenter: Jim Isleib, Extension educator Description: Jim provides ideas…

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Getting Started With Small Fruit Production 2015

MSU Extension Beginning Farmer Webinar Series "Getting started with small fruit production" Date: March 23, 2015 Presenter: Bob Tritten fruit extension educator, Southwest Michigan …

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