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Wellbeing Wednesdays: The Power of Affirmations - An Antidote to Imposter Syndrome & Burnout

Back by popular demand! The words we well ourselves matter. This workshop explores the power of affirmations and addresses how they are important as an antidote to imposter syndrome, self-doubt, and…

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Module 14 - Cancer

Module 14 - Cancer

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Module 7 - Food Fortification Part 2

Module 7 - Food Fortification Part 2

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Module 4- Nutrition Epidemiology Study Designs

Module 4- Nutrition Epidemiology Study Designs

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Precision Medicine and Distributive Justice: Wicked Problems for Democratic Deliberation

Leonard M. Fleck, PhD Professor Center for Bioethics and Social Justice, College of Human Medicine Department of Philosophy, College of Arts and Letters Recorded November 16, 2022 Presented as part…

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Supervisor Training Series (Class 1 of 4): Supporting Employees with Chronic Health Conditions (Both mental health and physical health) 

Do you manage employees who are navigating a chronic health condition? The WorkLife Office is offering a Supervisor Training Series that will give you the information and tips needed to effectively…

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revModule 6 Chronic and Genetic Disease

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HistoPath IS3A M 051021

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KIN 355 004 Sun Safety

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How-To: Wearing the Light Visor

In this video, Megan will be teaching you how to use the light visor.

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COGS GAC 2021 Keynote Speaker Teresa Woodruff

Keynote Address from the 2021 COGS Graduate Academic Conference: MSU Provost Teresa K. Woodruff

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STT 200 Discussion Grading Information

Information about how Discussion Activities will be graded in STT 200 during Spring 2021.

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