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Clip of 2020 Michigan Good Food Virtual Summit Launch Session

October 12, 2020 Please evaluate this session: The launch session to the 6th bi-annual Michigan Good Food Summit, this webinar marks a special occasion as we…

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SCM Info session 9:25:23

SCM Informational Session for FYW Students for Disciplinary and Professional Literacies Project

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11 - Review for Exam 1

Zoom Recording ID: 92379960605 UUID: DaZCwAyqQlmoOggbXfi5ew== Meeting Time: 2023-09-23 11:39:11pmGMT

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Quality Matters Light Module 3 w Audio.mp4

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PRCI Asia monthly update and Value Chain Analysis

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018 Video 1 Actin and Myosin

018 Video 1 Myosin Motor Proteins

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PRCI Southeast Asia Cassava Value Chain Analysis Workshop

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VM517 Parasympathetic and sympathetic system wire model demo

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SCM Product Fraud and Counterfeiting guest lecture, John Spink, 2021 (BSCM BSCM1 ISCM ch17 PfC v10 Short Sendppt take1 edit1)

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securing the drug supply chain

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Illicit Activities within the Drug Supply Chain-1

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SCM303 HUETTEMAN guest lecture take1 edit1 reviewed

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Lecture 39, Review 3 -- 4/21/2021

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Scm303 Guest Web Video Felica WU 2020 10 06 full take1 Edit4 SEND

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SCM999 SCM303 Web Guest Speaker v3 SIMMONS 3 take1 edited final

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