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Fertilizers and Pesticides Intro

Introduction to water, fertilizers, and pesticides

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GEO206: Let's Review: Chemical (& Biological) Weathering

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GEO206: Let's Review: Chemical & Biological Weathering

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How Does Our Brain Make Us Do Stuff?

What better way to show a kid how a neuron works than building one from Legos? In my video, I'm going to take kids through parts of the neuron and show them how messages get passed along on this…

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Chemigation Label Requirements 08.16.20

This presentation focused on chemigation label requirements. Lyndon Kelley, irrigation educator for Michigan State University and Purdue University, discussed important factors involved with…

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VM 530-Gen mech of toxicity

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NUR 471 Emergency Preparedness 2020 Video (Part 2)

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Pesticides Lecture CSS 124 S'20

Pesticides Lecture CSS 124

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International Research II Travelers Returning with Research Samples (N. Maher)

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ISS310: Quiz review, Climate Change

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HM803 Experiment Studies

HM803 Experiment Studies

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Soil Fertility for Forage Production

MSU Extension Field Crops Webinar Series 2017 Session 6, 3/20/17 Title: Soil Fertility for Forage Production, Presenter: Dr. Kim Cassida

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