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Module 5 - Types of Health Data and Internet Data Sources - PowerPoint

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Demo of GeoData Portal at Tufts

This video accompanies lessons in GEO802v (Geospatial Technologies) lesson on the Future of Geospatial Technologies (page 4), as well as onGEO-IGT (Lesson 17, page 4), onGEO-GIS (Lesson 8, page 14)…

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onGEO-CJ: Criminal Justice Applications in GIS: Farewell

Beth Weisenborn (onGEO) review the objectives that students accomplished in seven weeks, reminds students about the Professional Certificate in GIS, and bids students farewell.

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Week 5 Notes (SS22 GEO 221LAB, section 730)

Week 5 notes for Spring 2022 GEO 221LABv by Beth Weisenborn -- MSU Department of Geography, Environment, and Spatial Sciences.

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onGEO-IGT: VIDEO: Tools of GIS Analysis, Metadata, & Sources

Dr. Shi introduces Lesson 10: Tools of GIS Analysis, Metadata, & Sources in IGT: Intro. to Geospatial Technology (onGEO Professional Certificate Course). …

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