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GEO330: Inland South: Cultural Landscape

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Lecture 36, 10.4(a) -- 4/14/2021

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Lecture 32, 10.2(a) -- 4/5/2021

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Lecture 9, Exam 1 review -- 2/8/2021

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CSE480 - Week04 - Dates Times Python

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Part 4: Coastal South (Clip 7)

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The Nile River Basin Water Health and Conflict

The Nile River Basin Water Health and Conflict

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Field work in Dr Schaetzl's undergraduate Honors course

The Department of Geography, Environment, and Spatial Sciences has a long history of including undergraduates in research. The most recent example is an undergraduate Honors seminar taught by…

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GEO330: Inland South Introduction

This video introduces students to the Inland South region.

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