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CEP 345: Pragmatics & Discourse Processing Part 1

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Quality Matters Light Module 4 w Audio.mp4

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Quality Matters Light Module 1 w Audio

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PowerPoint Accessibility Training

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Powerpoint Accessibility Training - Feb 2022

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Improving your Value Proposition Canvas & Business Model Canvas with Library Resources , Featuring IBISWorld

Welcome to this Entrepreneurship Librarian quick video­­, where we’ll look at using library resources to improve your Value Proposition Canvas and Business Model Canvas. IBISWorld is…

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Show and Tell #2: Humanize Your Online Course & Use Analytics to Craft Engaging Videos

Presented on November 12, 2021 How to Humanize your Online Course: See how Megan Patrick, Academic Specialist from the Online Food Safety Program, has implemented some of the online humanizing…

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This is the second of two video tutorials for CAS 111 on completing the book cover design assignment.

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Scholarly Activity Project Novice Traps

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lecture 29, 914

PBW bases of Ug

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GEO151: Introduction to Lesson Module: Early Civilizations

This video introduces students to the material presented in the lesson, early civilizations.

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Equivalence Classes Make a Partition - Week 13 Video 1

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Unbounded Sets - Week 9 Video 1

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Bounded Sets - Week 8 Video 3

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Lecture 3.1 - Part 2

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Applied Anatomy Video 7: Spine and Movement

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