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MKT861 - Thi Nguyen

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Ahmed Ali Columbia 1979

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Ahmed Ali

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Backwards Design (10/14/2022)

Introduction to the backwards design process for course development. Creating learning objectives, aligning them to assessments and developing content to assure those learning objectives are…

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Bioethics for Breakfast: Demystifying End-of-Life Care

Recorded October 13, 2022. Captions are auto-generated. Featuring a presentation from: Leonard M. Fleck, PhD, Professor, Center for Bioethics and Social Justice, College of Human Medicine; and…

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MKT 861 - Caitlyn Ralph Interview 2022

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MKT 861 - Terry O'Reilly Interview 2022

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Knowing Ralph [9/15/22 on Zoom]

Father, Friend, Folk Icon: a conversation with RalphFasanella’s inner circle. Introduced by Kurt Dewhurst

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D2L Basics for Instructors (08.24.22)

This informational webinar covers the basics of D2L, including an overview of the interface, how to create and manage the grade book, creating discussion forums, assignments and quizzes and uploading…

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D2L Gradebook Part 1 – Setting up an Online Gradebook (08.25.22)

This recording shows how-to set up a points-based or weighted gradebook. Session slides Upcoming workshops from MSU IT Past workshop recordings EdTech training self-enroll courses If you need…

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Steve Schaffel of the former Goodrich's Shop-rite in East Lansing (phone recording)

Interview from 4.1.22

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019 Video 2 MAPs

019 Video 2: Microtubule associated proteins

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019 Video 1 Microtubules

019 Video 1 Microtubules

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018 Video 1 Actin and Myosin

018 Video 1 Myosin Motor Proteins

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017 Video 3_Actin Binding Proteins

017 Video 3: Actin Binding Proteins

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017 Video 2 Actin Filaments

017 Video 2: Actin Structure

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