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week 7 intro video

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Lecture 1.3 - Part 7 (High Enlightenment)

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Lecture 6.2 - Part 3

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Lecture 6.1 - Part 3

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Toward a Respectful Workplace - Filling the space: Integrative responding to academic bullying in higher education

Academic bullying represents a serious issue that affects all disciplines and people of all levels of experience. To create a truly safe, productive and vibrant environment in academia requires…

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Toward a Positive Work Environment - Keynote and Intro

Keynote SpeakerDr. Barbara Roberts is Executive Director of the WorkLife Office and Senior Advisor to the Provost at MSU, where she also holds an adjunct faculty appointment in the College of…

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Fake or Misleading News: An Introduction

Updated June 2019

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