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GEO206: Let's Review: Suspension, Saltation, & Creep

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GEO206L: Let's Review: Aquifers

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GEO206: Let's Review: Earthquake Hazards

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Evaluating Hunt Seat Disciplines: MI 4-H Horse Show Judges & Volunteers Conference

Zoom Recording ID: 96981950620 UUID: 1TxLlAJjSJK8RhawqPz0xg== Meeting Time: 2024-01-13 01:51:42pmGMT

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ISS310: Water for what?

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MIMN SDO Wetlands Part 1*

Michigan Master Naturalist Statewide Digital Overflow Wetlands, Lakes, & Streams Part one of two. Michigan wetlands with William Budnick, PhD.

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Agricultural weather forecast for May 3, 2022

Agricultural weather forecast by Jeff Andresen, MSU meteorologist

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DITF: DJI_GS_Pro_2021_v2

Mission planning using the DJI GS Pro application (iOS - iPad only).

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Q1 Fat Ground Substance Vessels

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GEO206: Let's Review: Earthquake Hazards

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On Farm Produce Safety Scenarios

This video begins with a brief overview of the Michigan On Farm Produce Safety program. Later, a Michigan On Farm Produce Safety Technician walks viewers through a number of farm scenarios and…

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Outdoor Morel Inoculation Overview

This is a quick overview of the outdoor morel inoculation process for use in the Fall 2021 USDA SARE black morel cultivation project.

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ISS310: Earth's Water

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Birds & Coffee Chat: Grassland Birds

Grab your morning beverage and join us to learn more about 5 bird species! Each session we’ll highlight birds that you can find in our SW Michigan backyards, woods and waters. Your hosts are…

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Farm Tour

The ladies of Sigma Alpha Professional Agricultural Sorority visit their family farms explain the farm duties. Jessica highlights her family’s cattle and crop farm and Megan interviews her dad…

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Women in ag panel

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