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Fertilizers and Pesticides Intro

Introduction to water, fertilizers, and pesticides

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Everything you need to know before planning a vineyard

Dr. Paolo Sabbatini, professor at the Department of Horticulture, presents in this video everything you need to know to make the right decision before planning a vineyard.

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ISS310: The Green Revolution

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Webinar #3. 2022 Virtual Orchard Meetup webinar series. Orchard Efficiency: Labor and Technology.

This is the third presentation in the 2022 Virtual Orchard Meetup series, recorded on June 30, 2022. The 2022 series theme is Orchard Efficiencies: Labor and Technology. This third webinar focused on…

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GAP Audit Walkthrough - Farm to Institution Food Safety Basics

Walk through a farm with a USDA GroupGAP Internal Auditor to learn more about the audit program and what's involved on the farm side. To learn more about USDA GAP Certification, visit:…

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Irrigation Management for Chestnut Growers

A presentation for chestnut growers on better irrigation management through monitoring and scheduling by Michigan State University's Lyndon Kelley and Younsuk Dong

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Domestication Part I - Plants

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Chemigation Label Requirements 08.16.20

This presentation focused on chemigation label requirements. Lyndon Kelley, irrigation educator for Michigan State University and Purdue University, discussed important factors involved with…

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(7) MSU ARC/PLC Calculator: If you had prevented plant

Here are a couple more steps you have to take in the calculator if your farm certified prevented plant acres. Access a full transcription of the video here:…

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(6) MSU ARC/PLC Calculator: If you have irrigation

If you have irrigation, you have to do a few more steps. Watch this video to add those steps to what you've already learned. Access a full transcription of the video here:…

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(4) MSU ARC/PLC Calculator: What you need

What you need for your Farm Bill program decision. Access a full transcription of the video here:

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Reducing Water and Agrochemical Movement from Container Nursery Production Using Bioreactors and Irrigation Management

Damon Abdi, Ph.D. Candidate, Department of Horticulture. Dissertation defense describing movement of agrochemicals (nitrate, phosphate and pesticides) under…

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Irrigation Uniformity Check Using Unmanned Aerial Vehicles

Center pivot irrigation uniformity is typically determined by conducting a catch can test - or, as in our case, a catch test using Taco Bell cups - and measuring the volume of irrigation water…

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Case Study Tigris and Euphrates

Case Study Tigris and Euphrates

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