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11.18.21 (Hopson) Ingrained Habits: The ‘Kitchen Cars’ and the Transformation of Postwar Japanese Diet and Identity - Dr. Nathan Hopson

Virtual lecture by Dr. Nathan Hopson, Associate Professor, Nagoya University. This talk explores the history and politics of American-funded food demonstration buses (“kitchen cars”) in…

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11.10.21 (Jacobowitz) South America Bound: The Origins of Settler-Colonist Fiction in Meiji Japan - Dr. Seth Jacobowitz

Virtual lecture by Seth Jacobowitz, Senior Research Associate, The City College of New York.This talk investigates the origins of settler-colonist fiction that began in Meiji-era Japan (1868-1912),…

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Tibetan Diasporic Buddhism in Japan

Speaker: Stephen Christopher, Tokyo Metropolitan University This presentation analyzes the growing importance of Tibetan Buddhism in East and Southeast Asia. Based on multi-sited fieldwork, I track…

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The Search for Justice after WWII

Trigger Warning! (Some graphic content). Introduction - 0:00-5:54 Transitional Justice - 5:54 - 18:18 Reckoning after WW2 - 18:18 - 33:20 Precedents to Nuremberg - 33:20 - 38:00 The Nuremberg War…

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The Samurai Class & The Boshin War

HST 370: The Samurai Class & The Boshin War by Aaron Armstrong, Anthony Smith & Destany Jackson

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Ryan (Luke) Garcy - First Sino-Japanese War IAH204

In 1894, the DongHak rebellion threatened to topple the Korean government. Fearing this, the Korean government asked the Chinese to aid them in putting down the rebellion. Although the Chinese moved…

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Internment of Japanese-Americans_Research Project_Longanecker

On the Interment of Japanese-Americans during World War II.

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Western Culture in Japan. A/V project for HST 370. Special thanks to "Height Yan" for helping me out. <3

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HST 370 Project Dylan Border

My project on the Imperial Japanese Navy and its role in modernization of Japan as a world power.

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Brain Death, the Concept of ‘Persona,’ and the Principle of Wholeness

Masahiro Morioka Professor of Philosophy and Ethics at Osaka Prefecture University in Japan Recorded September 28, 2012 Japan is a country where unique discussions on brain death take place not…

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People Who Needed Weather Maps

Steve Schultze created this 4-minute video lecture for GEO203v (Introduction to Meteorology). The video goes with Lesson 2 and explores the topic "People Who Needed Weather Maps."

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