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PH 103 module 1

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Managing Clinic Safety: A Policy Approach

What sorts of policies should clinics adopt for preventing violence in the workplace? What are some common misconceptions about when and why patients exhibit violence behaviors? What are appropriate…

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SW 841 Advocacy and Policy Practice

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Chapter 5 Race and Ethnicity_Video

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mod 1 social justice.mp4

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Social Justice-Oriented Bioethics: Kelly-Blake and Valles - Episode 25

Released May 7, 2021 No Easy Answers in Bioethics Episode 25 Episode webpage with full transcript and related resources:

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onGEO-CJ: Criminal Justice Applications in GIS: Course Introduction

Beth Weisenborn (onGEO) welcomes student to the course and gives a broad-brush introduction to it.

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Interview with Ian McDermott

Interview with Ian McDermott, librarian at LaGuardia Community College, conducted in 2017. He talks about information literacy, critical librarianship, various work environments, characteristics of…

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Interview with Amanda Meeks

Interview with Amanda Meeks, formerly art librarian at Northern Arizona University, conducted in 2017. She talks about diversity, equity, inclusion, and accessibility, social justice, makerspaces,…

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Transforming Theatre Ensemble: Get involved at MSU!

TTE delivers original student plays to create a productive and engaging experience for all campus communities, including faculty and staff groups, classrooms and teams. Get involved today! …

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2023-02-27 Louie_Her_Colloquium

Nicole Louie and Chundou Her from University of Wisconsin-Madison are presenting Building Racial Justice in Mathematics Education: A Seat at the Breakfast Table.

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Kuhlman Capstone Presentation [OST 828] - Abortion Access and Maternal Morbidity and Mortality Prevention

Abortion Access and Maternal Morbidity and Mortality Prevention

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Precision Medicine and Distributive Justice: Wicked Problems for Democratic Deliberation

Leonard M. Fleck, PhD Professor Center for Bioethics and Social Justice, College of Human Medicine Department of Philosophy, College of Arts and Letters Recorded November 16, 2022 Presented as part…

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Letting Go of our "Expert" Identities

An Unlearning Journey toward Liberatory, Evaluation, and Justice Presented by: Dr. Nidal Karim May 5, 2022

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ISS310: Introduction to Environmental History: Attitudes, Ethics, & Policy

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