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GEO206: Let's Review: Global Warming and The Greenhouse Effect

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Secondary Trauma in Public Service

This is a 25-minute video on secondary trauma in public service. You may think that as a political science, public policy, or law student, you won't encounter trauma via your work. But, if you…

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Our Epidemic of Loneliness and Isolation

Open to faculty, staff, and students, this session delves into the Surgeon General’s report on the pervasive issues of loneliness and isolation. We will discuss the impact of these challenges…

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PH102 Mod 3

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HM 877 Chapter 1

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How to Recognize and Minimize Burnout in Uncertain Times

Burnout impacts our mental and physical health, which directly affects both our work and personal lives. In this webinar, we will define burnout, explore the stages of burnout, and explore steps to…

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Quality Matters Light Module 2 w Audio

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Wellbeing Wednesday: Balancing it all- Busting the Myth of WorkLife Balance

Event Description:In our fast-paced world, what is the secret to balancing all our responsibilities? Well, there is no secret or fix-all answer, but there are strategies and tactics for helping to…

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Designing for Student and Instructor Satisfaction in Hyflex Courses

A poster presentation by Caitlin Kirby at the Lilly Conference on Evidence-Based Teaching and Learning in Traverse City, MI Oct 2022.

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