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MNP SDO Weather and Climate 2024 *

Michigan State University Extension Michigan Naturalist Program Unit on Weather and Climate 2024. Covers weather, climate and climate change.

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GEO206: Let's Review: The Composition of the Atmosphere

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Safety First: Preventing on-the-job Injuries and Deaths to Greenhouse and Nursery Workers

Agriculture is one of the five most dangerous industries in Michigan to work in. However, everyone deserves to come home safely from work. This presentation will focus on greenhouse and nursery…

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GEO206: Let's Review: Global Warming and The Greenhouse Effect

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Controlled Environment – Managing Destruction Order Risk with USDA Crop Insurance

For the first time, the Risk Management Agency of the USDA is offering Controlled Environment (CE) crop insurance program which offers insurance for destruction orders for plant diseases and…

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GEO206: Introduction to Global Climate and Environmental Change

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Crop Scheduling Part 4: From Selection to Success- Optimizing Production with the Right Fertilizer

With the multitude of greenhouse fertilizers available, selecting the right one for your operation can be a daunting task. Join this talk to gain the confidence and knowledge to decipher fertilizer…

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Crop Scheduling Webinar Part 3: Ensuring Season-Long Interest with Herbaceous Perennials

During this informative session, Caitlin Splawski from Michigan State University discusses: Considerations for scheduling herbaceous perennials for retail. She goes over vernalization requirements,…

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Crop Scheduling Part 2: Top tips for efficiently finishing annuals: quick turns/fast finishing

During this informative session, Dr. Christopher Currey from Iowa State University will discusses: Scheduling: Learn how to optimize your greenhouse schedule for seamless annual production. Plug size…

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ISSS310: Cities & Climate Change

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ISS310: Our Carbon Footprint

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Crop Scheduling Part 1: Crop scheduling and improving greenhouse energy efficiency

Crop scheduling and improving greenhouse energy efficiency Erik Runkle, Department of Horticulture, Michigan State University Energy is consumed to create a favorable greenhouse…

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ISS310: Fossil fuels, carbon dioxide, and climate change

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Healthy Forests in the Face of Climate Change

Wild About Conservation2023 Healthy Forests in the Face of Climate Change with Dr. Georgia Peterson, MSU Forestry Dept. Healthy forests can work to keep climate change in check through pulling…

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The Trouble With Tropicals Webinar

Dr. Sarah Jandricic, Greenhouse Floriculture IPM Specialist for Ontario, will go over the most common pests of tropical and foliage plants. These will include whitefly, echinothrips, mealybug and…

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Squeaky Clean Start to 2023

To bleach or not to bleach? Cara McCreary (Greenhouse Vegetable IPM Specialist at Ontario Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs, Canada) will discuss the benefits of cleaning and…

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