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GEO206: Assignment Tutorial (US22)

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ISS310: Assignment Tutorial (US22)

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Exhibitions Special Interest Group 2022 Annual Business Meeting & Lightning Talks

This recording captures the annual gathering of the ARLIS/NA Exhibitions Special Interest Group (SIG) on March 29, 2022, hosted by the SIG co-coordinators Elizabeth Meinke and Carol Ng-He.. The event…

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Who Were We? Where Did We Go? Voices from the Early Years of the Society

The first ARLIS/NA conference held in New York City in 1973 ended with a rap session addressing the questions: Who Are We? Where Are We Going? Fifty years later, four long-time members of the Society…

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Know Their Names: Case Studies in DEIA Collection Development Assessment, Expansion, and Access

This session took place on April 6, 2022, as part of the ARLIS/NA 50th Annual Conference in Chicago. It was moderated by Nick Curotto. Jared Ash and Daisy Paul present "Black Artists Matter:…

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Thinking Globally Acting Locally: Increasing Access to a Wider Range of Diverse Materials

This session discusses collection development strategies that aim to diversify and provide better access to library collections. It took place on April 6, 2022, as part of the ARLIS/NA 50th Annual…

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Using Articles and Library Resources in Your Course (04.8.22)

Facilitators: Heidi Schroeder & Jessica Sender This webinar will review how to find and link to library articles & resources. We will discuss the importance of creating and using stable links…

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Muslim Journeys, 03/22/2022

My First and Only Love by Sahar Khalifeh; with the novel's translator Dr. Aida Bamia, Tuesday March 22, 2022, 7-9pm hybrid (MSU Main Library Green Room and Zoom). “The latest novel from…

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Judith Hoffberg Oral History, 1990

On December 4th, 1990, ARLIS/NA President Lyn Korenic interviewed Judith Hoffberg, a founding member of ARLIS/NA and its director. They were joined by Amy Navratil Ciccone, Judith’s assistant…

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Luraine Tansey Oral History, 1992

At the request of Stanford slide librarian Nancy McCauley, Luraine Tansey talks about her career and the foundation of the Slide Curators Association (now VRA) and ARLIS/NA. In addition to working in…

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ARLIS/NA 20th Anniversary Round Table, 1992

Merrill Smith, ARLIS/NA President, moderates this 1992 panel discussion at the ARLIS/NA annual conference in Chicago, on the occasion of the society’s 20th anniversary. Panelists include two…

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Artist Talk: Tania Willard

Artist, curator, and educator Tania Willard, of the Secwepemc Nation, presents her artist talk titled Intuition Archive. Tania works within the shifting ideas of contemporary and traditional as it…

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MMDP 2021 Annual Meeting: Session 3 Making the Most of Digital Tools for Cultural Heritage

Presentation 1: Clayton Hayes (Wayne State University) - Essential but unusable: Rehabilitating an aging digital collection The WSU libraries inherited an image collection with an accompanying access…

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ARLIS/NA Oral History for Distinguished Service Award Winners, Sherman Clarke and Daniel Starr

Emily Walz interviews Distinguished Service Award winners Sherman Clarke (2005) and Daniel Starr (2014) on June 6, 2017, at the New York Public Library. Both librarians are career catalogers who…

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SD2_1035 3/6/2021

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ARLIS/NA Oral History for Distinguished Service Award Winners, Margaret Webster and Ted Goodman

Distinguished Service Award winners Margaret Webster (2010) and Ted Goodman (2012) interviewed by Janis Ekdahl on January 20, 2017. Both are former board members. The two discuss their careers in…

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