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December 2-2021

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Module32b-Transformation construction and analysis

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VM 534-How to Place a Tie-Over Bandage - Gallaher

Placement of a tie-over bandage using suture loops and umbilical tape.

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VM 580-Left-handed surgeon's knot with instrument

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VM 580-Left-handed Miller's knot and Strangle knot

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VM 580-Skin tissue apposition using a interrupted cruciate suture

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What are the principles of a charrette?

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Proofs of Algorithm Correctness

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VM 580-Millers-Strangle Knot Hand & Instrument Tie

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VM 515-Placing a vet halter on a cow

Dr Thomson demonstrates how open up a halter from storage to usage, by identifying the short section of rope that goes across the bridge of the nose and then creating a large loop above and a small…

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