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Diversity Week: Health Disparities 3.16.2022

Zoom Recording ID: 92589945504 UUID: ub2f9j+ES/yTyNxPDoJFEw== Meeting Time: 2022-03-16 03:43:33pm

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GEO 330v: Speech on the State of American Cities Introduction Video

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Paul Drijvers, scientific director at the Freudenthal Institute of Utrech University is presenting "Computational Thinking in the Mathematics Classroom".

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Session 3 (SIM)

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GEO 330: Assignment 2 Policy Brief

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December 2-2021

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Recorded Lecture 11-30-2021

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Lecture: November 23, 2021 in class

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Module32b-Transformation construction and analysis

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SS22 Lecture 17: Doing Harm

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REAL Classrooms Overview

This video is an introduction to REAL Classrooms. This video will cover what they are, why are they important, flexibility and benefits, locations and who to contact to schedule a consult.

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